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insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

The plague returns. Does that mean the creepy bird-beak masks will as well?

November 19th, 2011 (12:00 pm)

I’m currently sitting at the Chamber of Commerce (where I work) trying not to die of the plague or whatever strange and miserably strong disease I’ve managed to pick up at college.  I was meant to come home on Thursday night and go to the doctor for it Friday morning, but an impromptu search for my apparently-missing car keys that led to an EXTREMELY early adventure to the nearest Chevy dealership to have a new key cut Friday morning meant I missed my appointment.  (I know, I know, that last sentence got away from me slightly.)  I normally wouldn’t be too worried about it since I live in the dorm building with the Campus Clinic on the ground floor, but I missed a few classes and had to get an extension on two different essays this week, so the fact that I am apparently going to have to bust my ass for a doctor’s excuse is even more depressing than the illness itself.  Still, my essay comparing Victor Frankenstein to Milton’s Eve is going to be so damn epic once it’s finished.

I’m a few days away from Thanksgiving break, which is very exciting.  I’ve been up to my ears in essays and reading assignments for the past few weeks, which is why I haven’t been around LJ as much as I’d like.  I haven’t even had a chance to watch last Saturday’s episode of Merlin!  Oh, sadness!  And don’t even get me started on season 7 of Supernatural!  I’ve missed all except two episodes.  I’ve seen a few from the second half of the episode because I was working at the radio station until about 9:30 every Friday night up until about two weeks ago.

College is definitely making me a terrible fangirl, but for as much as I complain about it, I truly do love it.  I’m not as excited about being a straight-up English major as I thought I’d be, if only because I love the subject itself so much and it tends to be a bit less fun when you’re so busy that you have absolutely no time to appreciate what you’re studying.  I think I mentioned that I took most of my general education classes at a community college last year before transferring to a four-year university, so ALL of my classes this semester pertain to my major.  A full schedule of just English classes after a whole year of having only one at a time is enough reading and writing to try the patience of even the most devoted English nerd.  I decided to add Computer Science as a second major this week, so I’ll at least have classes in other areas next year.

On the subject of my Computer Science major, can I just say that I am so, so nervous about that?  I love technology and I always have, and I’ve shown a natural proficiency for computer-related subjects. I just haven’t explored it in quite some time (what with being busy in other areas), so I’m a bit behind on the developments right now.  I’m worried I won’t be smart enough to make it through the program, or I’ll decide that I don’t like it, and that will be such a disappointment!  Still, I suppose I won’t know until I try.

Wish me luck!

I’ll try to respond to everyone’s comments and keep my LJ regularly updated as soon as I make it through my major research assignments.  Love you all, f-list (and non-f-list lurkers)!

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

Don't listen to me anymore, guys.

October 11th, 2011 (02:11 pm)

Oh friends list, do you remember me?  I'm the crazy kid who posts every 6 months or so promising to keep in touch but never quite manages it.  I still love you all, though!

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

Catch-up post of catch-up-ness. Don't judge me, guys.

February 2nd, 2011 (01:05 pm)

current location: Bedroom at school
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I feel so neglectful!  My LJ has been left practically untouched since college started.  It's been hectic, but I definitely need to make time for updates and my f-list!  Things wouldn't be so crazy if I didn't drive home (which is a two-and-a-half hour drive one-way) every weekend to keep working at the Chamber and radio station, but I like keeping myself busy.

My classes are not as enjoyable this semester as they were in the fall, but I'm currently doing pretty well in them (and I got 5 As and 1 B last semester,) so I suppose I can't complain too much.  I'm taking English Composition II, which is literature studies in contrast to all the essay writing I did in English Composition I last semester.  I read almost half the short-stories, poems, and plays in the selected anthology while I was in high school, but I've gotten to explore a few new ones.  The Rememberer by Aimee Bender is a new favorite, for sure.

I have Public Speaking right after Comp II, and I hate it.  I would rather chew off my own leg than get up in front of a class and give a speech.  I've had to give two so far (plus, I have a third due on Friday) and it is not getting any easier.  I think I can safely take Professor off my list of potential future careers.

After Public Speaking, I have Art History.  I was a little miffed about taking this class, because I really wanted Philosophy, but it was already full; however, I think I may learn to like it yet.  I've always had a detached appreciation for art--I could enjoy it without thinking about it too deeply, but I never developed a real interest in the subject.  I was always the writer in my family, and my sister Annie was the artist.  We stuck to our own respective talents for the most part, and only dabbled in the other.  Apparently, I absorbed way more of Annie's babbling art-speak than I ever thought possible, however, because I'm actually dominating that class right now.

I get an hour break after lunch, which usually consists on Facebooking, stuffing my face with junk food from the vending machines, and teasing (and being teased by) my friend John.  After, I have Algebra, which is probably the only class I hate more than Public Speaking.  I have always been horrible at mathematics, and I'm not improving thus far.  My professor is hilarious though, and he always tries to help out as much as possible, so it's not as bad as it could be.

The above classes are my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only have two: US History I and Abnormal Psychology.  I thought I would detest US History (even though I generally like history, as a rule) because it is so redundant.  You learn the same facts year after year after year from second grade to twelfth grade, and it gets old after a while.  Very, very, very old.  This US History's saving grace is definitely the teacher.  He's a Russian Orthodox priest (which means he can get married and have a family unlike most priests in the States), but you wouldn't know it by listening to him.  He's funny, opinionated, and downright crass at times.  I wish the priests I grew up with had been that awesome.

Finally, Abnormal Psych.  I've always loved Psychology, and I adored my general Psych class last semester, so it was no contest to schedule Abnormal for this semester.  It's a lot different than I expected, but I enjoy it so much.  We have to do a lot of group work, which is basically the only part of the class I dislike (being home-schooled for the majority of my life has made me an independent studier, and I prefer to work on things by myself), but the content more than makes up for it.  Last semester, I briefly thought about pursuing Psychology as a possible study/career option, and while I decided to stick with English, I still want to explore it a lot more.  Hopefully I'll have enough scheduling opportunities to minor in Psych (and maybe Philosophy, but that might be pushing it.)

That, my dear f-list, is my current life.  What is new with you guys?  As I said above, I'll try very hard to keep up with LJ a bit more, but you may have to excuse my lengthy absences sometimes.

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]


February 2nd, 2011 (11:22 am)

current location: Bedroom at school
current mood: amused
current song: Nature Boy - Kerli

How Well Do You Know Guy-on-Guy Gay Sex? is possibly the best internet quiz that has ever been created.  Just saying.  Definite squee moment. 

You SURE You're Not a Gay Guy?

We know you didn't learn THAT much guy-on-guy terminology just from watching Brokeback Mountain a few times, but congrats gURL, you?re a gay sexpert! Even if you sucked up all that knowledge from another "video," you're more than excused because your knowledge of man love lingo could probably get a gay guy hard!

more quizzes | take this quizgurl.com

You may look like a normal gURL on the outside, but somewhere inside, there's a gay little sex fairy dying to get out! Way to go!

That is fucking amazing. I'm totally going to change my LJ name to "Gay Little Sex Fairy"

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

Emily's Official Guide to Less Douchey Driving

January 30th, 2011 (07:37 pm)

I firmly believe that everyone who has proven themselves competant at driving should be awarded a Smite Button, which is basically like a thunderbolt to the ass of anyone who is too fucking stupid to properly drive their car.  Alas, such technology has yet to be developed (or distributed to anyone outside of the Kennedy family at least,) so I have devised a list of driving faux pas that, if used on a regular basis, signify you are a gianormous douchebag and shoud stay off the road until the end of time.  I have also helpfully added the appropriate responses to aforementioned douchey driving techniques, in case any of you are at a loss when faced with asshole drivers.

Emily's Official Guide to Less Douchey Driving:

1. If you pull out in front of an oncoming car (and, god forbid, go slower than they were), they have every right to endlessly annoy you by hugging your back bumper for as long as possible.

2. If you can no longer see someone's license plate, it's entirely likely that you are following too closely, and you sould wisely back off before they get pissed and brake-test you.

3. If you go 5+ mph under the speed limit, only to speed up to 5+ mph over the speed limit at every passing zone, the person behind you will probably make a you-shaped voodoo doll later and throw it down a few flights of stairs.

4. Just because you are in a truck or SUV does not mean you are King of the Road.  Smaller cars may have to use subtler methods to run you off the road, but the fact remains that they can run you off the road and probably will if you continue to act like an asshole.

5. If you cannot bring yourself to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, then you totally deserve the inevitable collision that will take place immediately after.  Good luck paying your car insurance now, asshat.

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

Will there be crossdressing this season? Only time will tell.

September 8th, 2010 (06:58 pm)
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It is quite possibly going to kill me with the suspense of WAITING FOR ITS AWESOMENESS.  True story.

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

Oh hai thur!

September 8th, 2010 (06:35 pm)

current location: Bedroom
current mood: cold
current song: Walk Like an Egyptain - The Bangles

I don't think I've neglected my lj this much in the history of ever.  It's not my fault guys, really, I have no control over the craziness that is my life!

It's week three of classes!  Aside from my routine "wtf, life," every time my alarm goes off at six in the morning, college is definitely not what I expected.  None of my professors speak with a fake-posh accent and poke at the whiteboard/projector with one of those pointy things that sort of look like radio antennas--definitely dry-erase markers, but no radio antennas.  I've only been sexually assaulted in a dark parking lot once so far, so that leads me to believe that Law & Order: SVU greatly exaggerates these things.  Oh, and I have yet to find evidence of a scary, high-tech secret society living on the campus, so thanks for that misconception, Skulls. LOL.

Seriously, though.  School is going well and my classes aren't nearly as hard as I thought they would be.  If I'm found a few weeks from now locked in a closet and sucking my thumb while in the fetal position, you'll know I made a great miscalculation there, but whatever.

This semester includes the exciting (hah!) schedule of Freshman Comp, General Psych, Sociology, Humanities, Orientation, and The Vietnam War.  Vietnam is probably going to have me foaming at the mouth from sheer boredom by the end of the term, but it will induce slightly less mouth-foaming than, say, US History I, so I  probably should not complain so much.

I must now do my outside reading, in case one of my professors actually does have one of those antenna-pointers and decides to beat me with it.

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

"Dude, I think that he-witch gave you the clap."

June 19th, 2010 (12:07 pm)

Oh-kay!  Since I've pretty much been MIA for forever and a day, I'll give my lovely f-list a quick update!:

School is over!  After months of fighting with the school district to get my classes scheduled and such, so I just went to take my GED and I got some amazing scores.  I'm going to take my first year at a community college to get all of my gen-ed classes out of the way, and then hopefully continue on to Ohio University for a double-major in English-Literature/English-Creative-Writing.  OU has some crazy out-of-state tuition costs, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to afford it if I save enough on my first year of college.

I'm still working at the radio station, but now I'm also babysitting and working weekends at the local Chamber of Commerce.  I'm totally saving up for my trip to Australia next year (which sort of bumped my trip to Europe out of the way for now.)  I'm actually working at the Chamber right now--yay wi-fi.

Life has been relatively quiet.  I am trying to have a stress-free summer before I leave for college (aside from working my ass off at multiple jobs,) and it seems to be working out okay.  I have absolutely no qualms about being anti-social in order to avoid annoyance, so that is probably why.

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

Writer's Block: Another country

April 25th, 2010 (08:13 pm)

Do you have good friends from other countries that you've met on LiveJournal? Have you ever met them in person? If not, do you think you ever will?

I met my bff ticklemepanic  on LiveJournal, who lives in Australia, and I'm flying out to see her next May.  So yes and yes.

insane is synonymous for lovable. [userpic]

Myspace actually kind of sucks most of the time, but we'll try it.

March 27th, 2010 (04:55 pm)

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current song: Howl - Florence and the Machine

I'm going to, of course, be posting all of my original writing on LJ and other sites, but I created a Myspace account solely for my original writing to connect my IRL friends (who know nothing of how LJ, IJ, FF.Net and other websites work,) with my work and to put the links in which each story can be found on various sites in one place.

You can find it here.  I don't think I've ever actually shared my original works with you guys; just my fan fiction. It's a day of firsts, I suppose. :)

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